So, I found this interesting recipe while browsing through Pinterest.

This coffee drink is already popular in Portland and Oregon and paving its way to reaching DC. This coffee cocktail has already invaded New York and LA, and the people love it.

Let’s start making!


1 oz espresso or strong cold brewed coffee
3 oz tonic water
Lots of Ice

Maraschino cherries

1. Fill a glass with ice.
2. Pour in your tonic water, then slowly add your espresso ( careful in pouring because it might get fizzy quickly and bubbles over – just keep an eye on it as your pour.)
3. Add 1 tsp cherry juice and top with a whole cherry (or 3 because they’re really the best part).
4. This is optional, you may or may not stir because as you sip you’ll get a good mix of coffee and tonic whether you stir or not.


You can use any ingredients you want this coffee tonic can be made with either espresso or strong cold brewed coffee.