Experience A Cuban Vibe To This New Coffee Shop In DTLA.

Don Francisco’s Coffee Casa Cubana

A new talk of the town coffee shop in Downtown LA. A relaxing coffee shop with a dreamy ambiance that was opened last October 1, 2017.

Don Francisco’s Coffee Casa Cubana

After half a century roasting coffee in greater Los Angeles, the family behind the Don Fransisco’s brand is officially moving into the physical coffee shop space. Their shop will be called Don Francisco’s Coffee Casa Cubana.

Coffee Drinks To Enjoy This Fall

Fall Coffee Drinks

When fall comes around, it screams everything flavored in pumpkin. If your kind of person who is tired of the old pumpkin spice drinks for fall and wants’ to have something different this season, check out these delicious flavored coffee drinks that are anything but basic.

The Sinking Coffee Industry Due To Climate Change.

Coffee beans in a cup of coffee

Climate change has affected the environment glaciers have shrunk, ice on rivers and lakes is breaking up earlier, plant and animal ranges have shifted and trees are flowering sooner.

Because of the climate change, the coffee industry will soon be sinking its production where there will be fewer crops to harvest.

It’s no surprise that coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world after oil. Brazil is the largest producer of coffee beans, followed by Vietnam and Colombia. Coffee beans are grown in more than 60 countries and allow 25 million families worldwide to make a living.

Maple Pecan Latte Is The New PSL

Starbucks Maple Pecan Latte

PSL is the well-loved beverages during the fall season. Last year PSL gained uproaring sales to all the coffee shops. This coffee drink has been the talk-of-the-town and made headlines on the news. But it was said that the autumnal beverage may come to an end, and a new seasonal taste will be replacing the PSL.

The First University Of Coffee


The first ever University of Coffee has finally opened its doors in America.

Coffee in the University is a must have for students because coffee gives us the kick in we needed to start our day with full of energy. Good news for the people who want to learn more about coffee finally the third-generation Italian coffee giant Illy has opened its first dedicated “University of Coffee” (Università del Caffè) facility in the United States, offering educational programming for a range of coffee professionals, as well as for consumers.

Modern Coffee Farming In China

Chinese farmers of Miao ethnic minority group harvest coffee beans at a coffee plantation in Xinzhai village, Lujiang town, Baoshan city, southwest Chinas Yunnan province,

The secret to the booming coffee industry in China.

During the ancient times, China is known for their great Emperors that ruled the country, but in today’s modern era China is known as the manufacturer of everything.

China is the largest continent in Asia a country that has a fast-growing population, and skyrocketing economy where a lot of things has been developed and manufactured in the country. That is why there is no doubt when Chinese people love for coffee is growing.

The Best of Starbucks Tumblers and Mugs

Starbucks Tumblers

Do you also collect them?

One of the many reasons why a lot of coffee drinkers like Starbucks is because of its variety of coffee mugs and tumblers.

The Coffee Ramen


Another epic coffee creation buzzes the internet.

After the release of the coffee made from activated charcoal that buzzes the internet earlier this year here comes to a new coffee sensation that is buzzing the internet again it is called the Coffee-men by New York City’s Round K Coffee.Round K Owner Ockhyeon Byeon (who goes by Ock) has gotten even more experimental with the drink menu, now offering a ramen-inspired deconstructed drink. Ock says this new coffee drink evokes his own memories of autumn in Korea.

Bali Indonesia Coffee Escapade


Your ultimate guide to Bali Coffee shops

Bali is the most popular island holiday destination in the Indonesian archipelago, with good reason. Here you’ll experience a fine combination of sandy beaches and rolling surf, an ancient culture known for its warm hospitality, and exotic temples and palaces set against stunning natural backdrops.

Aside from the amazing scenery of Bali the island also offers unique coffee shops that you can hop in while you’re on vacation.

Choosing The Right Coffee Mugs

Different types of coffee mugs.

Things to consider when choosing coffee mugs. 

We always drink our coffee with our favorite coffee mug because nothing beats a good coffee with a good coffee mug (do I make sense?).

Good coffee mug adds excitement to our daily cup of joe that is why we often choose or should I say collect mugs whenever we see something cute and unique. There is nothing wrong with collecting mugs, but if you’re all about making the perfect cup of coffee, you may want to consider this guide in choosing the best coffee mug.